The household citrus juicer
can prepare your favorite juice without the need for high press force

The Melojuice citrus juicer is the type of juicer that can be used by both an adult and a child. Because its way of using it very simple, will allow your child to prepare his own natural juice.

All you have to do to prepare your favorite juice is to buy 2 oranges, 2 pomegranates and one grapefruit. A mix of the 3 will fill your body with energy and vitamins.

  • Oranges are the richest in phytochemicals (170) and have a very high content of Vitamin C.
  • Pomegranate is the fruit with the greatest amount of antioxidants and is very good for blood circulation.
  • Grapefruit helps fight weight and is well-advised in diabetes.
  • And lemon juice combined with 100 ml of warm water every morning will do wonders for your body.

Characteristics of the Melojuice Citrus Juicer

1. Its quality is as good as professional juicers.
2. It is designed to quickly extract juices from oranges, grapefruit, mandarins or lemons.
3. This citrus juicer can also squeeze the pomegranate without problems.
4. Its advantage is the smaller size than professional models, not occupying much space in the kitchen. The same principle of squeezing is used as in professional models.
5. It has the ability to squeeze both citrus and pomegranate in over 90%.

household citres and pomegranate juicer
citrus juicer
household citrus juicer
citrus juicer


With this citrus and pomegranate juicer you can assure the need for vitamin and antioxidants to your family during the cold season.
The juicer’s durability is durable, the materials made of it being cast iron and stainless steel.

Reasons to Love a Citrus Juicer for Household:

Stability. The juice can be prepared without the need for a high force for pressing. During pressing, the device does not destabilize. Using the foot that prevents slipping, the juicer fits perfectly onto the worktop and maintains a comfortable squeeze position.
Resistance. Due to the materials it is made of, and the principle used for squeezing, this appliance has a long life span, in the domestic use it can reach over 10 years of use without the need for a repair.
Rapidity. The large spinning cup and the crank system give it a high spin speed, a 300 ml juice can be done in 10 to 20 seconds.
Avoid losses: The squeeze percentage at this citrus juicer is over 90% of the fruit.

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