The Melojuice Hand Press Juicer is the type of appliance you would like to have in your own kitchen

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If you are a fan of citrus and you want to drink quite often orange juice, or grapefruit juice, or want to make your own lemonade, then you will need a hand press juicer that will last in time and help you prepare your own juices.

More and more manual citrus squeezer have appeared lately, and if you owned one and you’re not very happy with it, you probably would not have been here.

The Melojuice Hand Press Juicer is the type of appliance you would like to have in your own home or in your own bar. It has stability which many other devices can not boast of. It is very important that when you prepare your orange juice, the appliance will not slip over your kitchen countertop.

This juicer is manufactured by the famous Cancan company. Thanks to the construction and the quality materials used in its manufacture, it will last a long time. Whether you make 10 juices or 80 per day, the device will last for a long time!

You can prepare juices from oranges, grapefruits, make lemonade, but also you can prepare the juice with the highest amounts of antioxidants: pomegranate. Generally, with a regular juicer, pomegranates will be harder to squeeze because they have thick crust, but for our manual juicer, things will be much simpler.

Another advantage of this wonderful hand press juicer is speed. The crank that helps push the fruit moves very well and the fact that it does not destabilize will help you prepare your juice very quickly.


Informations about Hand press juicer

  • Its stability allows both an adult and a child to get a fresh fruit juice.

  • It differs from the professional pomegranate model by the size of the bowl into which the fruit enters. In this model the cup is smaller, so very large pomegranates will get harder in this juicer.

  • Another difference is that it is not provided with a handle.

  • This hand press juicer is of the same high quality as the other professional model. The appliance is made of cast iron and stainless steel.

  • At its assembly,  it was used electrostatic textured silver paint.

  • This Hand press juicer is fast, stable and resistant.

  • A 300 ml juice can be obtained in less than 20 seconds.

  • This juicer model can be used in your own kitchen as well as in a bar, restaurant or natural juice stores. Its life span can be up to 10 years.

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