Are you looking for the best manual juicers of the moment? We come to your help with four of the best products in the field, robust and quality appliances.

Get the best of the citrus with Cancan's manual juicers.

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Professional manual juicers by Melojuice

Manual juicers are aimed for all who want to take a healthy lifestyle by regularly using natural juices. The three models offered by us will do great for household use, and two of them, professional models, can be used for commercial purposes, where they can easily make 100 juices a day.

You probably wonder what fruits can they squeeze? The 3 models are specifically designed to extract juice from oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and the most important is that it can extract the juice even from the pomegranate.

Why is it important to consume natural juices, especially those from citrus and pomegranates?

All citrus fruits, like orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit are very rich in Vitamin C and are very good to consume especially during the cold season. Citric juice strengthens our immune system, so a glass of freshly squeezed natural juice is very beneficial to the body.

Oranges are natural antioxidants, very rich in potassium, which prevents muscle cramps and have folic acid that is necessary for pregnant women.

Mandarins contain fiber and help in digestion. They are recommended for people who struggle with weight problems.

Although many people do not like the bitter taste, grapefruit juice does wonders for health. It cleanses the body naturally, speeds up metabolism, helps to lose weight, and keeps cholesterol within normal limits. Another plus for this juice is that it prevents the appearance of kidney stones.

Lemon juice is recommended in any season. It is very good for the body if it is consumed in the morning combined with a little hot water. It is very good for colds and will get rid of chronic fatigue. It does not have many calories and can be used for diets. A mix of lemon juice with grapefruit can help with any diet.

Studies have shown that pomegranate juice properties can greatly improve heart health, keeping the flexibility of the main arteries and reducing inflammation in the blood vessels.

Pomegranate is the fruit with the largest amount of antioxidants. A daily dose of his juice may slow down the aging process of DNA.

Pomegranate juice is good for both women and men. They have a positive effect on pregnant women, being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, which is a vital part of the diet during pregnancy. In males, pomegranate juice is fighting erectile dysfunction, and studies have shown that a glass of pomegranate juice can drastically slow the development of prostate cancer.

Our manual juicers come to your help to maintain a healthy lifestyle

We offer you some professional, quality juicers that will help you quickly extract the juice from the above mentioned fruits. The squeeze system, as well as the quality of the appliances, will be a successful ally to maintain your desired lifestyle.

Check all available models:

About our Manual Juicers

Our manual juicer for pomegranate, orange and citrus juicers.

Get the best of the citrus with Cancan’s hand-held juicers.
They are extremely sturdy and stable, the manual juicers for citrus and pomegranates are made of cast iron and have stainless steel squeeze cups, materials that provide long lasting resistance.
Easy to use and easy to clean, the devices are really helpful in the kitchen whenever you want a lemonade or a natural juice of orange, pomegranate or grapefruit.
You can hydrate and enjoy citric vitamins without physical effort and without relying on electricity with these products.
Compared to our electric juicers, our range of hand-held juicers can help you get all the nutrients from fruits like citrus and pomegranates. Electric juicers operate at thousands of revolutions per minute, destroying the fruit’s nutrients, thus loosing many vitamins.
The speed of the Cancan juicers is another advantage. They are very fast due to their construction and the best quality materials. You can prepare your favorite juice for the whole family in a very short amount of time.
Pomegranate juice is very beneficial to the body. These are known as fruits with the most antioxidants and are very beneficial for blood circulation. The recommended daily dose of pomegranate juice is 250 ml.


Cancan Manual Juicers specification

  1. Slices in proportions of 90 – 98% both citrus and pomegranate.
  2. The materials from which they are made: cast iron + stainless steel.
  3. Resistance of 10 years in time.
  4. The speed of squeezing the fruit is very high.
  5. The appliances are very easy to clean after preparation and do not let mess.
  6. Preferred juices can be prepared by both adults and children.
  7. Can be used both at home and in cafes, bars, shopping centers.
The juicers you need are at Melojuice. Choose our quality and enjoy the full quality natural juices.
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