How to get a natural juice in just seconds with the newest and most innovative juicer of the Melojuice range?

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It is specially designed to extract juice from pomegranates but also from citrus fruit.

Thanks to robust construction, the machine can easily squeeze over 98% of the fruit.
It is based on two materials: cast iron + stainless steel. In household use, it is the type of appliance you buy for a lifetime.
Another great advantage of the appliance is the 11,5 cm diameter squeeze cup.This will be of great help when you have to squeeze a larger grapefruit or a more pomegranate fruit.

The device is very reliable, the handle rotates very quickly and the device construction prevents its destabilization when the fruit is squeezed. A glass of juice can be obtained in about 20 seconds. You can also get a better time if you use the appliance for a long time.
The appliance is equipped with a handle that you can keep during the preparation of the juice. It is also provided with a bottle that prevents drops from dirtying the kitchen counter.

A fast, solid, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean juicer can be a handy appliance in its own kitchen and will do its job in a professional environment.

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