The Cancan Juicer is recommended for use in the domestic environment.

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Are you looking for a handheld juicer that will not give you headaches when you use it?

We present you the small Cancan juicer with which you can prepare delicious citrus and pomegranate juices. The device has the qualities it needs to be very useful in the home environment. It is the type of device you can rely on for a very long time.

It is made of quality materials such as cast iron and stainless steel. The spool handle rotates very fast and also has great stability.

Consumption of vitamins and antioxidants is very important for your health, and the Cancan juicer can help you have a balanced diet that will provide you with the daily dose of nutrients.

For a bigger flavor, we advise you to mix more fruit in one juice. A natural juice of orange, pomegranate and grapefruit is delicious.


The juicer for home by Melojuice it is used to squeeze pomegranates, oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruit.

The way the appliance is used is very simple: Turn the lever on the right and gently press the fruit halfway down. With its help it is very easy to squeeze any type of orange, pomegranate or grapefruit.

The juice can be extracted without the need for a high force for pressing. Using the foot that prevents slipping, the appliance fits perfectly onto the worktop.
Its advantage is the smaller size than professional models, not occupying much space in the kitchen. The same principle of squeezing is used as in professional models.
It’s a device for a lifetime. It can be used daily without damaging its quality or functionality

pomegranate juice
obtain healthy juice with melojuice pomegranate juicer


It has a locked system filter.
Stem, strainer and overprint diameter is 10 cm.
Small size is designed for home users.

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