Get the best of the oranges with the Melojuice juicer.

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Get the best of oranges with the Melojuice juicer. Before we show you the best handmade orange juicer, we believe we should present you some benefits of the oranges and the juice you get from them.

Certainly the most popular fruit in the citrus category are oranges. They are found everywhere and are at an acceptable price. Why is it beneficial to consume them? Is it better to eat them or drink the juice from them?

Oranges are exotic fruits with many benefits to the body. They are full of nutrients, they help to strengthen the immune system and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. One orange contains 170 phytochemicals, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Benefits of eating oranges:

– Regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Daily consumption of oranges decreases by 19% the risk of vascular accident in women.

– Being a powerful antioxidant and a rich source of vitamin C, they help fight free radicals responsible for cancer.

– Fibers, potassium, vitamin C and orange-based choline are substances that help maintain overall health, but especially heart health.

Orange juice

Among the benefits of orange juice is that it is an important source of vitamin C. This is best absorbed by the body from foods and beverages, since it can not be synthesized by the human body. For example, two glasses of orange juice a day can increase the body’s vitamin C concentration from 40 to 64%.

Orange contains water. Besides quenching your thirst, it is also a detoxifyer. A glass of orange juice, consumed in the morning, on an empty stomach, has a positive effect on slow digestion.

Also, the potassium in the composition makes the orange a good energizer. Please note that this juice combats migraines.

Why prepare your orange juice with our juicer?

Fast, easy to use, durable and easy to wash. If you want to prepare a juice in just a few seconds, our juicer is the answer beacause it will last for years without breaking and you can easily clean it.

Also, we propose you our professional juicer from Cancan. Below we will show you the features of our device.


orange juicer
professional orange juicer


Citrus consumption is extremely healthy and manages to be the perfect ally for the body, especially during the cold season. Thanks to vitamin C, but also to the high content of other vitamins and fiber, citrus stimulates the immune system and helps balance the nutrition. That’s why a manual citrus juicer should not be missing from your kitchen.

Easy to use and easy to clean, the Cancan orange juicer is really helpful in the kitchen whenever you want a lemonade or a natural orange juice, and it is also suited for pomegranates.

The citrus juicer is made of cast iron and has a stainless steel sieve, which provides long lasting resistance.
Another advantage of this juicer is that it can also squeeze the pomegranate. We all know the benefits of pomegranates and how they are a successful ally of our body if we consume them regularly.

The Cancan Juicer squeezes over 95% of the fruit. It is very resistant – it can easily overcome 10 years of use.

Whether you are an adult or a child, you can get all the juice out of your favorite fruits. It is very easy to handle.

You hydrate yourself and enjoy the vitamins of citrus and pomegranate without any physical strain and without relying on electricity, with this product for generations.


Ergonomic handle
Anti-drip system
Easy to clean
Suitable for squeezing citrus and pomegranate
Removable mesh
Rubber legs that prevent slipping
The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable squeeze position
The device’s life span is 10 years
High resistance over time
Materials that come in contact with the fruit are made of stainless steel to prevent oxidation

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