Why choose our manual juicers?
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Why choose our manual juicers?

The juicers sold by Melojuice are of the highest quality

We have many strengths and we are working to improve the weak.
One of the advantages of using manual juicers is that the prepared juice is directly pressed and is not obtained by using an engine and by cutting the pulp at thousands of revolutions per minute. The juice obtained by pressing will have the best taste and will keep all its vitamins and minerals.

The mechanism used for squeezing is one that gives you mobility and speed. 

Whether you want to drink lemonade, orange juice, a mix of citrus or even pomegranate juice, you can prepare your favorite drink with our manual juicers within 10 to 20 seconds. Also, the simplicity of the juicer makes it easy to use by both an adult and a child.

Devices have been tested NSF 

The NSF mark is one of the most respected international public health certificates. He is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations. 
Resistance is another word that characterizes them. Our juicers can reach over 10 years of use without the need for a repair.
Unlike the automatic juicers that require disassemble of all parts and clean them thoroughly at each wash, our manual machines can be cleaned in the shortest time, easy and fast without much effort.

You can see here our pomegranate and citrus juicers.


Choose simplicity and health in your kitchen. Surprise your customers with a delicious juice in your business.

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